Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Playground is a Battlefield

The good news:  after 5 days and on our 10th visit to a playground, John finally decided to get down and play.  He didn't actually play on anything but he was really happy and running.  Ken was chasing him and it was grand fun.  I told Ken now that he has his shoulder, back and arm muscles built up, it's time to work on his leg muscles.

The bad news:  He ran right behind a girl on the swings and Ken couldn't stop it.  Busted his lip and bled everywhere.  He insisted that Ken hold him from that point on.

The good news:  Diana and I sat down with Patrice, our interpreter, to have a discussion about some of the behaviors that have been a problem.  I was so grateful that I was able to say most of it to her in Spanish, especially the part about how much we love her and how happy we are that she is our daughter.  I was also able to list off the different things that we really like about her and what's awesome about her personality.  I then told her about a couple of things that we need to work on.  I am also so grateful for Patrice who has a lot of experience watching adoptive families come through his hotel.  He not only made sure that I was making sense and that she understood me, he elaborated. I almost started crying when he told her that Mamí and Papa love her very much.  He told her that we are her parents forever and that we will always be in her life, no matter what.  He told her a lot of really good stuff.  I am so very thankful for him.  It also seems as if since the discussion, she has not only been taking me seriously when I tell her stuff, but she seems more open to engaging and playing with me.  I don't think it's a quick fix, nor is it permanent... but it's a step.  And I do really like her.

The bad news:  While we were playing on the playgound, she backed right into Rylan while he was on the swings.  She busted her head on the metal seat.  She was bleeding.  I thought it was really bad at first but I dont' think it's too terrible.  I can't really get a good look at it now, hopefully in the morning.  I've been through head injuries and this didn't bleed as much as I expected.  We gave her some Tylenol for the headache part of it.  She has been drawing and playing video games.  She seems ok. 

It wasn't even the big park with all the dangerous equipment.  That may have been the problem.  It's the little one right down the street and it was crowded today.

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