Thursday, October 24, 2013

God Blessed Me with that Man of Mine

My husband is awesome.  I know that word is overused.  I know I'm guilty of overusing it.  But, I'm sorry, here it goes again.  My husband is awesome.

I am so very lucky to be his wife.  I can't believe how amazing he is.  Not many men would travel around the world to bring home 3 children when he already has 3 at home.  Not many men have the patience for being the kind of dad that he is.  Not many men would jump right in like he has.  He currently is putting John, Diana, and Yuli to bed just as he has every single night since we've gotten them.  He has handled the needs of John like a trooper.  Not many dads get to experience the need of a child so great that you don't get to go to the bathroom by yourself.  (I know most moms understand, though.)  Not many dads have the patience to never have a moment alone.  Through it all, he has been incredibly patient, answering every need, even when John gets up crying for Papi in the middle of the  night.

Now that John is allowing me to participate with his care part time, Ken has not taken a well-deserved break.  He has picked up with handling the girls when it needs to be done.  He does really well with being calm and patient when they are pitching a fit.  He jumps right in and helps Diana do her exercises on the playground, he plays chase with Yuli, he downloads Plants vs Zombies 2 for the big boys... well, that's usually his job anyway, but you get the picture. 

I am so very blessed.  I cannot even convey how impressed I am with him, how much I love him.  I don't know how I got to be so lucky.  He's just awesome.

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