Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Pasto

I love this time of year.  I love the smell of the air when it turns cooler.  I love the color changes on the trees.  I love cool crisp evenings with the firepit.  I love the cold windy days spent at Cox Farms wearing ourselves out and drinking as much apple cider as possible because it's sooooo good (and free).  I love the frantic rush of trying to get Halloween costumes finished so the boys can wear them as much as they want this month. 

I miss that.

I'm missing 'Trunk or Treat' at church.  I'm missing 'Trick or Treat' with our neighbors.  I'm missing going down the farm slides with Darth Maul, Yoda and the 4 foot cheetah.  I'm sad that we're going to miss the youth group hayride with our church.  I'm really missing the semi-traditional Halloween party that we've had at our house.

I remember reading somewhere that Halloween in Colombia is not like the US.  It's not really that big of a deal and not many people celebrate it.  I'd like to remember where it was that I read that so I can make them eat crow.

It  rained all night last night and the kids got really muddy at the park this morning.  We decided that maybe the mall might be a better choice for the afternoon since we didn't really want to do that again and it was supposed to rain more.  Patrice said he would take us and thought we might like to drive through downtown because that's where all the happening Halloween stuff was.  I was really surprised.  There were more people out for this than were for the celebration of Colombia making it to the fútbol (soccer) finals... and that's saying a lot.  People and kids were everywhere!  It was crazy.  I had no idea.  I had no plans.  Worse yet, we were going to the mall.  It was packed.  It wasn't really enjoyable at all because it was so crowded that we had to be super vigilant and keep the kids close.  Ken had to carry John and I put Yuli in the sling just because we were afraid of them getting run over... and the arcade could give send a parent to an early grave.  I didn't much care for it at all.

However, it was nice to kind of celebrate Halloween even though we didn't really.  I mean it was nice to be out in it even though we weren't participating.  I'm glad Halloween didn't completely pass by without us noticing.  And frankly, if we had to miss a holiday this time I year, I would much rather be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'm trying hard not be sad about it.  What we are doing is waaaaaaay more important than Halloween... it's just that I love this time of hear so much.  So the cashier at the grocery store gave us lifesavers.  That will have to tide us over until next year, when I'll have to fly to make six costumes.

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