Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Day at the Playground

Can I just say that the playground equipment here is fantastic.  It's the kind of stuff that you'd never see in the states.  I remember a friend of mine discussing this on her blog.  She and her family moved to Vienna, Austria and she said the same thing about the playground equipment there. 

Lawsuits evidently aren't an issue here.  Kids play and kids get hurt.  It's ok... we don't have to wrap them in a bubble.  Hence, my kids are getting to slide down slides taller than any they've been on.  The merry-go-rounds go really fast and there's no safety rail.  The swings all have brick pavers underneath them (I gotta admit, that freaks me out a bit), and they have climbing structures unlike what would be 'safe' in the US.

So, in honor of my very that even a word?... and the fun we had today, enjoy these pictures of some very dangerous yet fantastically fun playground equipment.








And here's a few pictures I took of the mountains as the clouds were rolling in.  I would like to get out and see the mountains more but right now we're staying close to home.




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