Monday, October 28, 2013

Short and to the Point

We could use some extra, specific,  prayers right now...

First off, John has been sick all day.  He started throwing up right after breakfast this morning and has a fever.  He slept most of the day off and on and was feeling better around dinner time.  We are praying that he sleeps well (not only him but all of us) and that no one else catches it.

Secondly, Yuli seems to be having a difficult time now.  I'm very thankful that both the girls weren't having a hard time at the same time.  Yuli seems to be very upset with Ken, afraid maybe?  I don't know.  Today she flat out told me that she never wants her backpack back if it means that she has to listen to Papi.  ouch.  Didn't quite know what to say to that.

On a positive note, I did Yuli's hair again today and while it took a bit longer, I think it looks pretty cute and I'm hoping it will stay in a little longer.

Thanks y'all for your prayers.  You have really carried us through this.  We really appreciate every one of them.  I've finished the laundry and I'm going to bed.  Hopefully, I won't be woken till morning.

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