Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Hotel

So today was another pretty good day.  We didn't have any major issues with Diana, and the issues with Yuli were pretty minor, although there.  I think she's finally realized that she's stuck with us and that she doesn't get any say about it.  Diana had realized that much earlier.  While I don't believe we've conquered all of Diana's demons, I think we've reached a plateau.

Anyway, I thought I would spend a little time talking about this fabulous hotel and it's fabulous owner.  When our in country representative first made arrangements for us in Pasto, I was a little concerned and a little disappointed.  I didn't really want to spend 6 weeks in Colombia living in a hotel run by a French guy who served American breakfast and Italian dinner.  But that all changed within hours of being here.  Anyway, we are staying at La Maison and Patrice, the owner, is also our interpreter.  He lives on site and has been absolutely fabulous.  I truly, truly believe that God made our arrangements for us through Helena.  The staff here is excellent and if you ever find yourself in Pasto, I recommend that you stay here.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our meals and our accommodations.

In case you don't remember, our flight plans were messed up getting to Pasto and we got here on the same day that we were getting our kids.  We weren't super rushed but we only had time to drop our stuff and get something to eat.  Patrice showed us to our rooms.  We are in the top floor.  It can best be described as a two rooms in a loft area.  I was originally very nervous (safety wise) about being in two non-adjoined rooms.  There's only two parents and six kids... how is this possibly going to work.  And then we get here and each room has a full sized bed and a twin bed... again, how is this possibly going to work.  Patrice asked us how we were planning on sleeping and we explained that we planned on sleeping one adult and three kids in each room.  Patrice then told us that they would 'fix' the rooms while we were at the Encuentro.  I wasn't sure what he meant but I really couldn't worry about it.

Well, he wasn't kidding.  When we got back, they had actually dismantled the beds and assembled new beds.  We had three twin beds and one kiddie sized bed in one room and two twins, one kiddie, and one crib in the other room.  I could not believe what they had done for us.  I was beside myself.  I mean, they bolted together new bed frames and moved mattresses and changed linens and everything.  It was, well, it was above and beyond. 

I've told you before how I think Patrice is just an amazing man when it comes to adoption and how he treats the kids.  But it goes further than that.  He is kind to everyone that I've seen him interact with.  He buys the stuff through the car window from the people just trying to make a buck.  I don't think he has any intention of chewing Chiclets (I've never seen him with gum), I think he does it because he's trying to help them out.  The day that we played trombos on the patio, I saw three people come by asking for assistance-a priest, an elderly lady, and a woman with a child.  Each time, the person received something.  All of that was taken care of by Patrice's staff but it seems to me that they have been told what to do.  The elderly lady and the woman with the child both received food from the kitchen... I'm not sure what the priest received but it was something.

I've already told you (here) about the day that I needed to have a conversation with Diana that I didn't have the vocabulary for and how Patrice not only interpreted but also elaborated and said some really great, positive things that just really made me feel better.

About a week ago, with much guilt, I decided to ask Patrice if we could rearrange the rooms again.   After being here for two weeks and finding out that it would be three more, and knowing how we were functioning, and needing my husband, and feeling entirely safe in the hotel... I really needed another arrangement.  I drew a map (because that's how I am) of the furniture and when we went off to the mall, it was all taken care of.  They took one of the twins out of the Ken's room, moved the table from the other room over so we could sit all 6 kids down for lunch at one time, took out one of the twins in my room and replace it with a full.  Now when John wakes in the middle of the night, he doesn't have to scream Papi until I can get him to the other room, where he would undoubtedly not go back to sleep and just cry and wake everyone up.  Now Ken and I are back together in the same place as it should be.  Now we have a little more space to play in one room while the majority of the beds are packed in the other.  Now it's better.  And Patrice and his staff were really happy to help.

I have so many more stories like these about being here but for now, I just wanted to say what an enormous blessing it is to be here.

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