Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mi hijo vomitó

That's the Spanish vocabulary lesson for the day.  Mi hijo vomitó.  My son vomited.  We had a great plane ride... at least Connor, Rylan, and I did.  Little did I know that several rows back Ken was catching Cody's unpleasantries.  I hate to play favorites but if you were going to tell me that one of my kids was going to throw up, I'd choose Cody every time.  He is really, really good about letting us know ahead of time so that we can react and most of the time keep it clean.  He did great for Ken on the airplane.  However, he did not give us enough time once we got into the airport. 

I know. Too. Much. Information.  Well, so many people said they wanted to be kept up to date with what we're doing.  So y'all are getting full disclosure here.

So I stayed up very late last night and got everything packed.  Ken got up early this morning and went to the bank and the gas station.  We had a fairly leisurely morning and got to the airport a little earlier than we had planned.  Lines were short and all went smoothly.  We had five guys for lunch and hopped a plane to Bogotá. 

The flight was great.  The boys were so excited.  The attendants were a lot less strict than the US airlines and each person had their own tv with games.  I dozed on and off.

Once we got to the airport, we thought we had to pick up our bags and go through customs with them and then recheck them for tomorrows flight to Pasto.  We couldn't find them and found some help and realized they are all checked through and we get them there... at least that's what we understood to have happened and we're hoping that we are correct.  All of the people have been really great.  I'm a little ashamed that they know so much more English than I know Spanish, considering that I chose to come to their country and not the other way around. 

Anyway, Cody is feeling much better after that last go round.  We were greeted by two lovely Colombian girls (I use that term loosely, they were adults-just younger than me) who directed us to the shuttle for our hotel for tonight.  It's really nice and the people are fantastic.  Breakfast will be served in the morning, then we meet with our agency's representative here and then go back to the airport to travel on.  I cannot believe that this time two days from now, we will be settling down for our first night as a family of eight.

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