Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Need a New T-Shirt

So at some point back in the early days of my parenting, maybe even before-I can't remember, my mom bought me this T-shirt that says, "Do not start with me, you will not win."  It was more of a joke, at least I think it was, based on my stubborn nature and the fact that she maybe is a little jealous that I'm always right. May I take a moment to point out here that my stubborn nature comes from her side of the family?  Anyway, I need that shirt in Spanish.  Diana can read.  I need that shirt and I need to wear it everyday so maybe she'll think twice before she makes the choice she usually makes. 

I don't want it to seem that I'm poking fun of the whole situation, or of her.  Because I'm not.  It's not in any way funny.  It makes me sad.  I'm sad that I have to fight with her.  I'm sad that she misses her Tia so much.  I'm sad that when she finally concedes that she slips into a crying jag and just keeps saying, "Tia, Tia" over and over.  And quite honestly, I have to be a little upset with Tia for giving her everything that she wanted and getting her into this mentality.  Really, when she acts like this, she never gets what she wants and most of the time ends up losing other stuff, too.  Does Tia really think she was doing her a favor?

As you might have guessed, it was another rough day with her.  Unfortunately, it started very early when John woke up at 5:30 and we all were up then.  I still had yesterday's headache and we were running on very low fuel.  It seemed like she was looking for a fight all day.  I was hoping all day to avoid one.  I thought it was going to come at dinner time but she waited till bedtime.  I didn't last very long, which is good.  She confessed that she was done fighting much sooner than usual.  I guess 5:30 is a little too early for her, too.  I hate this.  I hate every minute of fighting with her.  I hate that it has to be this way.  When she isn't doing this, she is so much fun to be around.  I really like her.  I just hate the situation. 

Otherwise, the day was good.  We found a way to cross the busy street so that we could walk to the big park.  That was good, we wore the kids out going and coming.  The sun was out and it was a very pretty and warm morning.  I had my first shot at SAHM of 6 after lunch when Ken snuck away to try and do some work.  It went pretty well, but that was only because that's video game time and we planned it that way.  We had another delicious dinner and I'm thinking of hiring Patrice's chef.  Do you think he'd like to come to the US?  I'd give him a room and all the food he could eat, he could fix dinner 6 nights a week and breakfast on Saturday.  I really like not having to worry about cooking or cleaning up the kitchen. 

In good news, John is really doing ok with me.  He still prefers Ken, especially when he's tired, but he will let me do stuff for him now... fix food, change diapers, change clothes, play... I'm very happy.  I'm still waiting for the day when he actually wants me rather than making do with me but it'll come.

So here's some pictures that I meant to post the other day:

Playing with our trombos in the park

Connor and his perfect trombo launching form.

"mas, mas, mas" trombo, big brothers

Doesn't he look like a teen already?

I love this picture of Cody

Poor Diana, she thinks she can keep up with Rylan.

Three of mine on the swings, on on the supports.

Diana carrying John.

They get it honest.

Here's my second go round with Yuli's hair.  I did it the same as the first but it was easier because I just did one braid at a time.  The parts are messy but the braids are holding for about a week so I think that's good for a beginner. 

I gave her one corn row that goes across above her forehead and the rest are all free hanging braids.  She like to wear the matching headbands.  She seems pretty happy.

And my favorite... the dedos.  Aren't these the cutest little dedos you've ever seen?


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