Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are We There Yet?

I feel like the typical kid in the back seat of the station wagon (oooohhh, I'm dating myself) on a roadtrip.  "Are we there yet?" 

I'm ready to be home and we are one step closer to getting there.  I went and picked up the kids passports today.  So far, no reaction whatsoever on the TB tests.  We go to the doctor tomorrow for the official reading and we have an appointment for Visas on Friday at 1:30 because they don't do those in the morning.  So close.

On a good note, when I returned from the passport office, I was greeted by a, "MA!" from the stairs.  It was Diana.  She was so happy to see me back she ran down and jumped into my arms.  I carried her to the bottom of the stairs to the tune of crying.  I got there and looked up and both Yuli and John were standing at the top, held back by only a baby gate, crying for me to get there faster.  It felt good to be so wanted.

We went to the park this afternoon and ran off some steam.  Kids had another cut throat game of soccer.  They like playing with the other Colombian children because they are really good.  Baby girl took on a wooden swing and the swing won.  Yes, that is a band-aid between her eyes.  She wouldn't stop touching it and I was afraid it would get infected.  Other than that, we are just passing the time, waiting to get home.

John is wearing toy glasses (he's always grabbing mine so he was very happy to find a pair to play with) and Cody's shoes... you can't really tell from this angle but they are huge on him.


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